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3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Home’s Lighting

Who could have predicted that the invention of the light bulb would hail the dawning of a bright new world, and the disappearance of the candles that had long illuminated our homes. Yes, it meant that the places we lived were not only more clearly visible but more pleasant. And with the light bulb came the necessity for — the lamp.

At Table M Lamp Restoration, we offer a wide selection of custom & bespoke table lamps, antiques, and vintage lighting to enhance to just about any room. Your first objective when choosing a lamp is ensure it “fits” the room in question in terms of color scheme, furnishings, and function.

TIP #1: Select a lamp style to reinforce a room's existing decorating theme. Delicate crystal lamps add a feminine touch to a space, while dark wood lamps with angular shapes and solid, sturdy bases convey a masculine feel. Furnish a contemporary-style home with sleek silver lamps; use bronze lamps to complement traditional decor.

TIP #2: Select a lampshade that's about three-fourths the height of the base, with the bottom of the shade being wider than the widest part of the base. White or ivory-toned shades deliver increased levels of brightness over dark-colored lampshades. Mix and match bases and shades with contrasting colors to stir up visual excitement.

Tip #3: Position your lamps in locations where they are needed, such as bedside, sofa or end tables. Avoid placing lamps with large, solid bases in locations that block the view or obstruct conversation. Light up a dark corner with a floor lamp, and illuminate a sideboard with stylish buffet lamps.

See the light!

At Table M Lamp Restoration, custom lighting is not only our business, it’s our passion! We’ll help you create the kind of lighting accents that will turn your home into a showplace. We value your business and always do our best to provide the highest level of customer service. For more information, give us a call today.

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