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Black Lamp Shades is a Great Design for Decades

Black color has been a great option for fashionistas for decades because of its class, sophistication, and simplicity. There are some people who don’t want to take the risk of getting black lamp shades as they fear it might get too dark in the room or don’t want the gothic vibes. However, it’s all a misconception. This classy color for your lamp can bring elegance to your home. Incorporating black in the rooms can add an extra drama that gives the uniqueness that a room needs.

Black Matches Everything

Most designs nowadays focus on neutral colors like white, and beige. These colors can brighten up the home but may lack the depth to bring them all together. That being said, adding a black lampshade can bind the room together. It makes it an elegant combination of colors. It doesn’t matter what color the rooms are, black definitely matches all the colors!


When a room uses the same shade of color, it doesn’t look appealing at all. Contrast is the secret to making the room less boring. It enhances different points of focus adding visual interest. The black lampshade is the perfect combination that provides the right amount of contrast and can make the room feel deeper and more inviting. Just don’t do too much black that can make it feel heavy.

Different Textures

Play with textures to create a whole different dimension to your lights like a black and gold lampshade to polish the room. You can also aim for a white or gold lining. Keep it classic.

Experiment with Black Color

One of the benefits of using black lampshades is that they can be easily changed without recreating. Try them out in different colors and see how they can feel in each room. If. If you are ready to try this out, feel free to browse our lampshades collection. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

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